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Here's some more inspiration from things I find interesting at the moment. I keep posting loads of this stuff, but I think it all quite relevant. However because I have made quite a few long video posts recently I'm going to try to meter my current bits and bobs out a little bit over the next few weeks.

I have multiple ongoing projects right now which will hopefully appear here soon. The problem is because a couple of them are commercial I'm waiting on permission to show them. In addition to this a percentage of my class is currently being entered into the D&AD awards, of which I'm afraid none of the development will be posted here until after the competition. Apparently this was a big problem last year and I don't intend to fall victim to it.

For now here's what's getting me excited:

Unfortunately the details on what exactly Casual Profanity is are not explained clearly on the website, but what is apparent is that they are a series of experiments with radical clothing. What I find incredible is this video, which is a research project into the incorporation of plastic hosing into fashion garments.

The patterns created by pumping coloured liquid through the sculpture are amazing, and yet again continues to explore the advantages of tangible, analogue work.

I've posted before about free running, and no it's not particularly new. However I like the audacity of this stunt:

The first-person perspective is also great viewing:

I am so jealous of people who can move like this.

Expect some new work in the near future.

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