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It's been quite some time since this show but I still haven't uploaded it for some reason. Well it's been long enough:

I was involved in a fine art show earlier last month called 'Untitled 1.', the show's core philosophy was based around cutting through all the 'wordsmithing' that seems to surround contemporary art and purely displaying art for its empirical properties. Obviously people could ask the artists about the piece to have the concept illuminated even more, but the weight of all the pieces was balanced toward the physical, rather than metaphysical.

I displayed my audio piece, which on the blog is called 'Always Enjoyed by the Immaculately Groomed' in order to identify it from everything else.

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great show and I was very proud to be asked to get involved. Thanks also to the kind words of those who liked my piece. Due reckognition should also be given to the other exhibiting arists, Benji Jefferey, Lauren McGeachie, Jonny Gordon, Ima Okoruen and especially Nadene Kreter who orchestrated the event.

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