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Students learn from teachers, teachers learn from students. Education is a two-way process.

A few weeks ago I saw the video below. Today I saw the one below it.

I think they accompany each other quite well.

I think Dan Brown has a point, but it is tainted with his personal experience, plus I think the video is too much a projection of his personality than a representation of his argument.

However, when you accompany it with Adora Svitak's talk at TED it highlights the idea that education is a two way process. I quickly grow tired of the philosophy of some of the 'premium' schools in the area where I grew up. They achieved high test scores by using the technique Dan describes of 'ingraining facts' into the heads of their students. However when it comes to implementing these ideas, some students find it difficult to use them in the correct ways. I think there's definitely a distinction between 'teaching' and 'learning' - when a student is learning it implies an active involvement in the process, unlike the passive 'being taught'.

Obviously though, I talk from the position of an art course, where learning comes as much from my peers as it does from my teachers.

...This doesn't feel like something I've heavily considered or thought through, so I'd be interested to hear responses.


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