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The Pixel: Abstract expressionism for digital media?

Most people who know me are familiar with my fondness off pixel art, as well as my fondness of retro gaming.

I found this video yesterday, it makes a lot of valid points that I agree with:

I especially like the point about how, with an increased amount of detail, the representation of something becomes a lot less of a personal experience for the viewer. It becomes a statement of skill, rather than a communicative, inclusive image that many people can relate to. Going back to the society of the spectacle, rather than gaining a valid experience, 'special effects' films and games that are made with only a graphics budget begin to become no more than a sequence of pretty flashing lights, whereas the pixel ironically, I believe, can afford a more personally involving experience.

All hail the democracy of the pixel, bless it's lovable simplicity.

By no means am I saying that pixels are the only valid form of digital expression, just that they are a good example of a way of circumventing the spectacle.

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