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Video blogging. Yes, the diary of the visual form. Now although I don't necessarily have anything against this form of presenting information, some video blogs are informative and fascinating. However when it comes into the territory of documenting mundane everyday life things start becoming loathsomely self-obsessed and boring. To me this is the height of projected identity - what people attempt to do through facebook, making sure people can only see good photos, publicising some kind of glamourous lifestyle. Broadcasting every detail of their lives in the hopes of generating interest in a totally unashamedly ostentatious fashion.

To say I had a problem with it would be phrasing things incorrectly, I just think the implications are distinctly strange. In consuming such things what do we say about ourselves? Could it underline a need for intimacy when our preferred social interaction platform shifts toward the web? It feels especially as if the people growing up in the age of the internet are not conscious of how vulnerable they might make themselves. You'll be forgiven for not watching the entirety of the previous video, but I implore you to give the next one a chance:

"Michael" as he calls himself on his profile, has self-confidence issues because he is a read-head. He evidently has a little trouble making/keeping friends and has anger management issues. He's the only "Vlogger" I would ever subscribe to because I truly believe I'm watching someone go through some quite hard times. To Michael, making a video for you tube is like a massive counceling session. In other words he has content - his angry, confused, melancholic rants provide a window into a life which has some character. It's still fairly boring as things go, but a lot better than someone trying to whore themselves out for views and money. Well, at least that's not what he's doing YET.

I personally try to minimise how many images are available online, I think there's vital importance in controlling your web presence.

Oh yes, and the irony is not wasted on me that I'm using a blog to criticise a vlog - the old system criticising the new. Both known for tending towards the self-involved and mind-numbingly dull. Hopefully I've provided you with more than just a vain "LOOK AT ME!!!"

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