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Nikola Tesla, described by a drunk ACTOR

Most people who know me know I'm slightly obsessed by Nikola Tesla, man was a damn insane genius. Here's an entertaining way of learning a little about his life.

Interesting fact: the 'flash of light' mentioned in the video was actually an occurrence of life-long psychotic episodes where tesla would hallucinate. Apparently he learned to put these hallucinations to his advantage and actually constructed and tested all his devices in his head. He describes in his autobiography:

"When I get an idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind. It is absolutely immaterial to me whether I run my turbine in thought or test it in my shop. I even note if it is out of balance. There is no difference whatever; the results are the same. In this way I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as I planned it. In twenty years there has not been a single exception. Why should it be otherwise?"

I'm trying to shy away from funny videos at the moment, but couldn't help it with this one!

-Edt - apologies, I automatically assumed the guy was a history lecturer without checking. I think this might have been helped by a very very slight passing resemblence to Chelsea's own Dan Smith


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