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Inital Band Logo, New Band Name: Hearse Pile Up

I haven't mentioned the band in a while, and I'm dying to say something, so I thought I'd upload this:

Not finished yet, but it will hopefully end up being the logo for my new band 'Hearse Pile Up'

I guess *Technically* it's a completely different band now, however Pretty Shiny Things is still on the set list. Also 'Dirty Dirty' is still there, but with a totally different structure and lyrics, and is now called 'Overworked', there's a similar arrangement with another song I was working of with 'I feel Dead'. Also the line up is very different now as well - comprised of myself, Tony (Ex-Tonedeaf bassist), and his good friend Wojtek on drums.

I'm quite frustrated at the moment as we can't actually practice again until the new year, but we've got four finished songs, and about two or three others that need a little work. I'm very much looking forward to announcing our first gig - hopefully before the end of January!

Stay tuned, I'm really excited about this and we've had some pretty good feedback so far about the music!

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