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Jody McIntyre: Proof of a Political Bias in the BBC. SHOP BEN BROWN.

I think Jody does an incredible job of standing up articulately against a VERY aggressive interviewer.

Ben Brown's interview technique is aggressive and ridiculously biased here. He is despicably trying to shed a negative light on a quit badly disabled victim in every way possible. I am disgusted with Ben Brown and will be sending my complaint to the bbc today, I also highly encourage you to as well!

Jody has written a wonderful post about the day, which I heartily encourage you to read.

SKY news have made a surprisingly far less biased interview that is also worth watching.

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  2. That is pretty ******* disgusting...

  3. Yeah, it's really horrible. I can't believe he got away with it. I encourage you to complain!


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