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We had a really good practice at Borough studios on Saturday - really lovely facilities, staff, and all for £10 an hour - equipment hire inclusive! We also managed to get these pretty rough recordings. I don't think they're quite as good quality as our last recording of Last Time - but I think that's because it's a louder room and was bullying the mic too much. Having said that they give you a good idea of what we're about.

Excuse the sound coming in and out - the mic on the Bloggie I got given from dare is in a position which makes it really easy to put your finger over.

We've now got a 7 song set list together which comprises;

Last Time
Taking a chance (Old TDM song)
Crazy Bitch (Song by our drummer Wojtek - originally for his one-man band Electrocock)
Avon (QOTSA cover)
Generation Y
Pretty Shiny Things

We should have the full list ready to gig by the end of the week. We're meeting with a friend at the end of the week to discuss gig possibilities and maybe a future recording session. I'm getting really excited - watch this space!

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