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Mr Sheen

I should be doing something more constructive, like writing up Sukey's recent trip to Amsterdam, getting ready for a meeting for my Tuesday video shoot, writing lyrics for Sunday's band practice, or just getting out of bed. However, I've been distracted by Charlie Sheen.

I know I've turned up late to the party - Everyone's started leaving, all the booze has been drunk and only a couple of coke heads remain gibbering excitedly to each other. But the story is still goddamn epic! I have to say I'm pretty impressed by his honesty - I'm sure this stuff happens to actors all the time, but this seems to be one of the first occurrences of someone just saying 'yup, I'm just partying like a rock star!' Or, as he more accurately puts it:

There is a dark side to all this crazyness though, apparently he overdosed this morning and is now in hospital. Thanks to @dennisewmdbodna for that article.

EDIT: On a second inspection, I'm not sure how much I believe that. However, there have been many reports of Sheen's violence toward women. If you'd like to read an alternative view on Charlie Sheen, you can find one here.

What a hero, goodness knows what's happening in his world. But that's the nature of celebrity - it's practically impossible to hear about someone you know without it having some spin added in some direction, let alone someone who's causing a media sensation. Whatever's happening it must be pretty crazy.

Off topic, but I thought it was interesting. I don't really want this blog to become a gossip column. More posts coming soon.

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