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Happy Rapture Day!

Well I'm still here, which means either the rapture didn't happen, or we're all going to hell...

There's been some pretty cool stuff going on, I won the bloggie competition!

The judge was Ian Nathan, Editor of Empire Magazine, who I met on Friday. It was a really lovely day and I also met the person who wrote my brief and also won a cash prize - she's six months pregnant and I'm really happy for her!

Here's what Ian had to say about the film:

“It was impossible not to be persuaded by the sly humour, easy visuals, and note of poignancy in Matt’s feature. Dare I say, there is a touch of David Lynch in his natural strangeness — this tired figure (well performed) trapped in the monotony of life who finds release dressed as a yolk-yellow chick (a homage to Tweetie Pie?) and dancing like a madman amongst the grey clutter of Trafalgar Square. A song to the lunatic in us all.”

I was really touched - especially about the Lynch thing! It was amazing to be compared to David Lynch even in the slightet passing manner!

Hearse Pileup is also doing well - we've got another gig coming up tomorrow, £2 admission, and we're also looking at doing some recording soon!

Finally, we gave a talk today at OpenTech, a conference held at ULU, on behalf of Sukey today, here's a recording of the Ustream:

That's all for now, have a great rapture!

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  1. Thought you might be interested in these, the animation is awesome but the things they talk about are just as amazing and important.


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