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Increased Chances

This isn't going to be very positive I'm afraid. It seems appropriate that I smell of smoke after passing Brixton Station this morning (Footlocker was on fire again).

I don't usually write about my dreams; talking about them is inherently boring. However I can't help feeling like I took something away from last night.

I dreamt that, upon returning home, everyone was outside their houses were on the street, performing rituals, praying, saying goodbye to one another. After which they would slit their own throats. Anarchy reigned and bodies filled the gutters.

I looked out of my window into a turbulent, cloudy sky, remembering a reports that in the coming evening a meteorite would almost certainly hit earth, and with it bring the downfall of humanity. Blood and bodies are illuminated as a pillar of fire raches out of the sky and strikes the ground miles away, it makes an almighty sound. I run to cower in the basement. The last thing I remember is wishing I was with my loved ones.

After waking I couldn't help thinking that, although I don't believe a meteorite will impact the Earth any time soon, that humanity loves ignoring a problem until it looks like we're all going to die. Maybe I'm in a bad mood this morning, but I can't say with 100% faith that I believe that statement will be proved wrong. A society of Capitalism and greed requires constant expansion for continued existence. Given a planet with limited, not to mention dwindling, resources this is not a very tenable position.

I know that many, many people have said this before me, I know that by saying this no-one is going to stick their head up and say 'Oh my god, he's right! I can't believe I've been so blind!' It's not going to change anything.

But I thought it was worth saying.

Good morning.

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