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Teaser for Upcoming Video of Alma Upholstering Cleo B's Retro Fiat 500

Recently The company I work for (Spritz Creative) put two of their previous clients in contact with each other, namely upcoming fashion footware designer Cleo B and leather experts Alma, as Cleo wanted to refurbish the interior of her Fiat 500 with leather. They have also decided to shoot a short promotional video for Alma documenting the job, which I will be shooting.

To do this we have acquired the following equipment:

A Canon 5D
A zoom lens (Borrowed from Vixx)
A remote shutter release(Also Borrowed)
A £20 home made shoulder mount (courtesy of instructables)
A tripod
A memory Card

The shoulder mount works surprisingly well for a bunch of PVC pipe, and has now been clad in leather courtesy of Alma - making it the most expensive looking £20 shoulder rig I've ever seen.

Home made mount

I also uploaded the most recent build of the Magic Lantern firmware to help make the DSLR work more suitably as a film camera. I highly recommend you check it out if you shoot dslr video and use a compatible camera.

Shooting time lapse for the first time has been incredibly fun! I'm very excited about the final edit.

Call back soon for the final product, the leather for Cleo's car was ordered today!

The music for the video is John Beltran's remix of 'Minor Swing' by Django Reindhart

In other news, the EP is almost mastered now, and I will also soon be shooting a short documentary about the studio we recorded at (Dropout Studios, Camberwell). And we're gonna be recording a new song!

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