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Zine Sale

The sale went quite well, organized by DADDY FLIRT, the design collective that has started in our graphics group. After electing to help them set up their gear, it was complete and utter chaos - I had no idea so many customers could squeeze around one table.

...Unfortunately, I believe the rather dark tone of my Zine scared potential buyers off. I don't know how many I sold yet, but I believe it was quite possibly in the area of two.

In addition to that, I've been asked to start my next project - an 'image bank'. Out of the many choices of subject, 'habits' was the one I picked - mianly because I can continue to follow my unhealthy obsession with the number 47. I think I might be turning slightly mad, but at least I don't yell at mice with my shirt off.

The rest of the week I have been occupying myself with getting shouted at by my parents and doing MAJOR ROOM MAINTENANCE. The feature wall is now orange, and the carpet comes in on Teusday

Finally anyone with an interest in Half-Life at all (as I am), should probably check out this site, it looks rather amazing

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