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I'm not dead, just lazy.

It's increasingly difficult to set aside the time to blog. Possibly it's the fact that I've been doing my application for university. More likely is the fact that I can't always be bothered.

So, in the last couple of weeks some people went to Paris, whilst I myself went to Greenwich. As much as I like Greenwich, there is little comparison. I do have to admit though that it was because I didn't get the money together to go in time for the trip.

To take this post to a more professional note, me and a couple of friends have recently decided to attempt to instigate a small artist's networking society called (Bee)Hive. I will upload details and explanations for our first project (the butterfly ball) on the (Bee)Hive Blog as soon as I have made it. I will also post some extra stuff on here today.

In lighter news, on Thursday I went to a shit club in Leichester Square called Sound. However it WAS free, and after a couple of drinks it didn't matter. I was with a couple of my girlfriends, (how incredibly camp that sounds) and as we were downing said drinks, I saw this oriental guy dancing all on his own. Being a decent human being I thouht this was quite sad and decided he could do with some company - soon we were all dancing with depraved abandon to shit music in a big group. Unexpectedly though, Mr. Sweet and Lonely quickly turned into Mr. Wondering Hands and started trying to get his own wicked way with my unwilling companions. For the rest of the night we were trailed by this wierdo who occasionally grabbed one of my friends with an iron grip. Eventually we figured out a way of dancing so that he was almost always behind me (being the only guy). Though the just ended up with ME being molested, as he then - to my abject terror - proceeded to pick me up and bounce me repeatedly! He eventually got the point, and for the rest of the night stood about a foot away from us, not dancing and looking absolutely miserable.

Somehow I still managed to feel quite sorry for the guy.

In any case I never realised how perilous clubbing can be for you girls! It's astonishing how obsessive and socially inadequate some men can be. On the other hand we did also meet a really nice guy named Jah (pronounced "Jar") who had some serious moves.


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  3. Hello. I now have a googlemail acount! and even more amazingly, a blog! I've linked it to the (bee) hive blog and its web address is im afraid its a bit stark at the moment, but oh well. noticed the 47 in the corner. and now I'm rambling, so I'll just say 'nice blog' and stop typing. P.S.- be jubben. :-J

  4. Thank's a lot for the comment, sir. I'm surprized you could see the 47, as I have just viewed my blog on the new IE, and it's completely mucked up!


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