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Leftbank Diseased

Ok, well firstly the clothes designer from the last post was Joseph Domingo, who is Spanish, unsurprisingly. I do love the way a sort of morbidity and the theme of death is ingrained in Spanish/Mexican culture. I'd love to go to a Day Of The Dead festival some day...

Anyway, back to this week (passed)

I came to the conclusion eventually that there was FAR too much on my plate with all the ideas I was having for ONE piece, and so decided to focus on the puppet sculpture. The head is taking on a nice shape, but I need something other than a sharp scalpel to give the face the right quality.

The face itself started off being based upon day of the dead 'calvera' art, but I quickly realised that this was more of a gimmick that a meaningful choice of style. So instead I altered it a bit to give it a more Harliquinesque look, with thin lips, and painted, staring eyes. I also gave it a fixed, grotesquely large grin, in order to make the face look more like a mask.

I'm going to dress my puppet in what have become my trademark red skinny jeans, black shoes, a white shirt, and a red and white striped jacket (Oxford punter style). So I'll be looking for suitable materials this week.

I'd also like sound to be a part of my installation, I've already made a twisted version of 'Leftbank 2' by the Noveltones - more commonly known as the gallery theme from Take Heart, or the themetune for the Picture loans advert. I'll hopefully be able to purchase some small speakers, and somehow hide them around the installation playing various sound bytes. I had an idea for a second sound byte too - based on making a recording of me shouting to myself about things I've done that I'm ashamed of in my life.

In terms of the interior itself, I'm going to situate a satchel filled with various items next to the desk, hopefully. I need to make a poster asking for peoples' old dolls/action figures that I can dismember for the desk draw. Also, I'm going to produce some bits and pieces of paper for use in my project. One of these is going to be the result of heavily writing paranoid ramblings on a pad of paper, and then using a pencil on the sheet underneath, produce the impression of a stalking persona.

I have also been doing some doodles to help improve my confidence with physical media, which I might post up here next week.

That's about it for my thoughts on the Final Major Project for now.

The Bee Butterfly Ball project is progressing well too. I'll post more information here soon, as I'm told it's pertinent to what I'm doing for my course.

So long for now.

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