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Still Alive

This is just a very quick post so I can update things...

Firstly, I did in fact end up going to Chelsea College of Art and Design to do Graphics, I'm such a hypocrite.

Been getting semi-regularly drunk as a skunk, and am currently embroiled in a deadly love/hate relationship with the vile Spanish temptress that is a bottle of Tequila.

Have moved out of home into Sunny Brixton with my good friends Mike, Molly and Jenny, all of whom I didn't know before I moved out. Am amasingly happy about the whole thing, except for the fact that I had to abandon my wonderful room and my wonderful furniture. Have kept my egg chair, however, as I love it so.

Pictures will come soon of people/things.

The celery of arbitrary facts and update of my day to day life having been quickly chewed up, spat out and thrown away, we can get onto the real meat and potatoes of this post:

(Bee)Hive seems to have died the death for now, unfortunately, but it may surface again yet. Instead, I plan to make DeadCat a monthly fanzine and eventually (hopefully, maybe, with a lot of luck) turn it into a fledgling art/design collective. I will be changing the format of this blog, probably adding some new shite too.

This whole website stuff is a lot of effort, so it might not happen for a while, but you can also expect the re-opening of at some point in the near future, so I hope that it gets well received.

DeadCat issue one should be out soon, and I will announce when/where purchases of it will be possible (at fifty pence a pop, which is a decent price I reckon)

So in short, change is in the air...


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