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The End of the Year

It’s now mid July and my course finished around mid June, yet this is the first time I’ve had the enthusiasm to sit down and write a post since May. This isn’t just because I’ve been lazing around on my arse all day either, so here’s a big update as to what I’ve been doing:

Before the end of term I had a combination of three major projects to deal with, the last of which is still ongoing. Firstly I was asked by Gemma Rhead for help with her final major project; she helped produce the identity for fashion designer Hannah Marshall. I was asked to help program an interface for a flash portfolio to be handed out on DVD’s, I also had a little input on so of the design features and elements within it, here are some screenshots:

I also had my own final major project to be getting on with simultaneously, it was an installation piece that reacted to its surroundings based on the idea of atmospheric manipulation. The light sensitive sculpture me made produced different ambient noises depending on the amount of light focused on different areas of it’s surface. This was a collaborative project, and I have Louis Village to thank hugely for his help and for getting the final result looking so damn sexy. I don’t have pictures with me at this time, but expect some soon. The reaction from peers and tutors was great and we plan to push it further. In essence, watch this space.

Before I get on to the final large project that has been taking up so much of my time, I also helped out with the first year’s Oscars night (see my group’s submission from last year below). Once again Edd asked me to assist in producing an ident for the occasion. Full videos of the first year’s work will be posted soon. The oscar’s night went fantastically well and I was very impressed with the work done. The first years seem like a lovely bunch, just before the end of term the tutors organized a flagship course field trip to Brighton where we all got to know each other a lot better. A fantastic time was had by all. Here we all are:

Gemma and I at Oscar night:

Finally I have been spending a lot of my time and resources on an extracurricular volunteering activity called Web Skills Guyana, organized through collaboration between C.Y.E.C. and the British Council. Web skills Guyana is a project that is attempt to bring elements of animation and content creation for the web to a developing country (Guyana, obviously). I applied for the position on the team of animation specialist and through some miracle am now here in the country. I’ve had to write a four day animation slab course and also design a supporting document. A representative from the local university also attended the course and her newfound knowledge is going to help create something for the national curriculum! Not much has changed though; It gave me a small chuckle to find a picture of me in London (above), and Guyana (below), about a month apart wearing a suit and drinking alcohol. How times change, huh?

Cover art for ‘Flash: A Beginners Guide’:

For more details hop over to, which I will be updating regularly over the next month or so.

Star Wars:

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