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An Introduction to CSS Layouts

Being out here with the team has made me start to consider to reasons why I have a blog, as well as the capacity for blogs to be not only a glorified version of the 'round robin' letter but a way of providing resources to a wider community.

In light of this I have decided to open up the doors a little bit when it comes to how I have developed and persue my practice. I decided to start with possibly the most useful and relevant development in relation to my blog, which was the switch from layout tables to CSS (cascading style sheets).

To those who are not HTML-savvy this may all sound like gobbledy-gook. For this I apologise and if you are interested in learning more you could do worse than to have a nose around W3 schools for some HTML training.

In any case, assuming you are already familiar with HTML and a little CSS, this tutorial is a great way to introduce a clearer, more organised approach to website design. It's also incredibly useful if you want to customise your blog. This tutorial has aided my website construction process infinately and I highly commend it.

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