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New Links

You may have noticed some new links crop up in the side bar recently. Here's a summary of what they are and why they're here:

Digital Guyana:

For obvious resons. Site contains musings and information about the team's experiences out here in Guyana.


A fantastic resource if you want to make the step into programming flash applications in Actionscript. This site includes the tutorial I used to program the Dead Cat Player. Lee Brimelow's video's are informative and comprehensive. I haven't made the jump to Actionscript 3.0 yet, but when I do I have a feeling it will be using one of his videos.

Creative Cow:

This website facilitated my learning of After Effects and is another great resource. Thanks to this site I was able to do the special effects for my one minute star wars movie having only touched the program for the first time about eight weeks or less before.

A website I use a lot when experimenting with home-brew electronics. Learn to make all kinds of things on this site, from a high-voltage tesla coil or a CRT ocillioscope to udon noodles in miso sauce or a cheesy onion casserole

Hacked Gagets:

DIY technology at its best. A great site to check out for inspiration, and just to be awe-inspired by what some of the geeky tech-heads our in the world have been up to. One of my personal favourites includes jet-powered flying man!

Check them out, there's some incredible stuff out there.


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