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Hello, apologies - there's not been a lot of content going up recently. An update with a more developed shed video should be going up within the next two weeks, in addition to other projects which I have started.

With any luck I'll find a new band soon, I'm really in need of a gig at the moment, going cold turkey's been really difficult for me. If lady luck smiles on me there'll be new music, or at least gigs coming this way soon. I'm even picking up the drums to make the task of finding a band easier.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, I've also been busily working in Kentish Town on a placement with Six Creative, which has been loads of fun. I'm not entirely sure whether I have permission to show it to the public yet as the work is for quite commercial clients.

For the moment, here's something I'm looking at making at the moment - a tesla radio;

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